14 Business Advertising Ideas for Free

Are you needing business advertising ideas for free that you can use to help promote your business? At some point, we all need news ideas. Here’s our list of 14 ways you can advertise your business without having to pay for it.

Do a Community Radio Interview

Local radio stations are always looking for great stories about local happenings. Share something interesting that they would want to have on the air. Don’t try and sneak in a sales pitch, but just create some genuine great content that gives your name and the name of your business.

Introduce Yourself and Your Business at a Networking Event

There are hundreds of free business networking events. Try an event that you’ve never before attended for a chance to meet new people and expand your network.

Share Your Business Advertising Ideas With Another Business

When you help another business come up with business advertising ideas, they will want to help you. This synergistic relationship can help both businesses to grow  advertising in ways you would never have come up with on your own.

Create a Blog

A blog is a great way to share your expertise, enhance your website, and get new customers. To keep it free, here’s a list of 14 free blogging platforms if you’re new to blogging.

Guest Blog in Your Industry

Take the time to find bloggers who would love real world expertise from someone who owns a business related to their blog. This gives them credibility and provides you with additional exposure.

Improve Your Social Media Posts

Many entrepreneurs get too busy to effectively use their social media as a free advertising tool. However, there are many simple ways to improve your social media posts and improve your advertisements (without paying to boost those posts)

Try a New Social Media Platform

Sure, we’re all familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. But what about trying a new platform. There are dozens of great platforms that are very niche and looking to grow their followings. These social platforms are anxious to help advertise your business because they need people to want to use them. Don’t dismiss them because their small. Every big platform was small at one point.

Introduce Yourself to Your Business Neighbors

If you have a physical location, you’ve got surrounding businesses. Go introduce yourself and your business. When people know you they can refer customers your way. Plus, these business have an incentive to refer customers to you. If they are neighbors, they want your business to look good because it helps make their business look good.
Write for the Local Newspaper

If you have an interesting article, share it with your community. Local media needs local stories. Help them out and they will be happy to put your business name as the contributing author.


When you volunteer it’s not only good for your community, but people notice you and want to learn more about you and your business. When you volunteer don’t forget to wear something with your company logo, and you should always have a few business cards just in case.

Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce

The chamber is a great way to let other businesses and potential customers know what you do. If you absolutely need to keep this free you can volunteer to help the chamber, but most chamber dues are very reasonable and easily affordable.

Trade Services with Other Businesses

As a business owner, you have things that you can offer that cost you little to no money. Make a trade with another business that helps you with your advertising goals. Perhaps they would be willing to put your flyer in their window, or have your business card on their counter in exchange for the service you provide them.

Use Creative Art

If you have a storefront you can paint your windows or use sidewalk chalk in front of your store. Change it up and keep it interesting so people look forward to what you’ll do next. Be more creative than simply stating “Sale 20% Off”. Ask a riddle with the answer inside, create an interesting math problem, spotlight the local sports team, or draw a holiday theme.

Swap Social Media Posts

Connect with another business and offer to advertise for them on your social media accounts in exchange for their advertising for you on their social media. If you don’t have any businesses in mind to do a swap, just search your social media for complimentary businesses. There are usually thousands available.

Need More Business Advertising Ideas?

The 5 Disciplines of Marketing is dedicated to helping small businesses improve their marketing anyway we can. If you still need more ideas or need help with your business advertising ideas please Contact Us. Our team of marketing professionals can help you dramatically improve your marketing.