The 5 Disciplines of Marketing

Why 5 Disciplines of Marketing?

In marketing, there areRyan_Murray_teaching_Marketing_triangle many approaches, theories, techniques, and styles.  Frequently the factors that determine the success of marketing are difficult (if not impossible) to predict or track.  As a result, many small businesses engage in the practice of simply guessing on their marketing strategy.

But small business marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game. There are very specific things a small business owner can do to dramatically improve their marketing. After years of working with hundreds of small businesses, we were able to focus in on the most important
marketing activities that every business should be doing regardless of size, market, or years in operations. Because these activities are universal and a business should never stop doing them, we called them disciplines. Hence these 5 activities became known as the 5 Disciplines of Marketing.

What The 5 Disciplines of Marketing Mean to You

Even though there are no guaranteed results in marketing, there are tools that can eliminate costly mistakes.  Many of these tools are common terms, but often the process of putting them together in a successful marketing strategy is misunderstood. The 5 Disciplines of Marketing is a straightforward, clear approach to small business marketing. What this means to you is that you can be more strategic in your marketing approach and eliminate costly marketing mistakes that yield poor results. Essentially, it is a recipe for marketing success that when followed will improve your marketing results.The power of the 5 Disciplines of Marketing is that they exist in every business of every size and those that understand these 5 key principles will consistently outperform their competitors.

A Quick Overview of The 5 Disciplines of Marketing

  1. The Opportunity – Every successful business will identify a strong marketing opportunity before they try to market their business. This discipline teaches how to find a real opportunity rather than wasting time in less effective areas.
  2. Your Money Maker – There is power in being focused. Most small businesses aren’t focused on what really makes them money in their business. This discipline is all about focusing on the right money maker.
  3. The Marketing Triangle – This discipline teaches business where they are in the marketplace and more importantly where they need to be. Once a business knows where best to position themselves in the marketplace and how to move, they can really start to grow their business.
  4. The “Pie” – Is your business getting a slice of the pie or being pushed out by competition? There are really only two ways to market. You can eat a bigger slice of the pie or eat from a bigger pie.
  5. Your Marketing Message – You need to have a clear marketing message. Discipline 5 teaches you how to make your message clear and effective.

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